Grow up

It gives us such great joy to accomplish so many of our goals with one project.IMG_8111

These vertical gardens are made from upcycled pallets that we gratefully received for FREE from Craigslist, hay, and landscape fabric. They grow food, utilize a small unused space of our farm, and we think they look stunning.


STEP 1: Staple landscape fabric to the inside of the pallet, leave an opening on the top.

STEP 2: Fill pallet cavities with hay or straw; pack tightly.

STEP 3: Cut into landscape fabric where you would like plant transplant to grow.

STEP 4: Mix organic compost with water until it can be rolled into a ball and keep its shape. Then, insert the balls of compost into the opening that you cut.

STEP 5: Gently arrange plants into their new home and cover with another ball of compost.

STEP 6: Water well, we all appreciate a nice drink!

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