Meet the Plants

Interesting Fact: Our plants are quite fond of folk music!

Rancho Roots Farm observes the blessings of our generous planet and we are humbled by the opportunity to offer wholesome produce that reflects all natural growing processes 🌞💦💨🌱

We strictly abstain from all synthetic chemical growing methods (pesticides and herbicides).

Our crops change with the seasons and are sold weekly at the our nearest farmers market (year-round) and in bulk to local restaurants.

If you are in the greater Sacramento area and are interested in our produce, please send us an email about our market locations and the ordering processes.


The Plants:


Salad Mix

Sold separately or combined: Arugula, Kale, Beet Green, Romaine, Mustard, Chard, Radish greens, Oak Leaf, Endive, Red-Vien Sorrel



We harvest these crops when they are just two weeks old because they are full of flavor and vitamins! Speckled Pea Shoots (growth pictured below), Mustard, Radish, Fava Bean, and Sunflower Shoots.



Hachiya Persimmons (fresh and sun-dried “hoshigaki”), Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers (hot + sweet), Cucumbers, and Squash



Beets, Tendersweet Carrots, French Breakfast and Daikon Radish


Herbs and Tea:

Mint, Lemonbalm, Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, Edible Flowers, and Persimmon Leaf tea and much more!