Welcome to Rancho Roots,

We are Alex and Greg, married Market Gardeners, born and raised in Rancho Cordova, CA.

We are regenerative farmers that operate an Urban Market Garden and create educational programs that serve all ages. 

 We strive to strengthen our community & advocate for the environment by ethically & sustainably growing nourishment that we all greatly need. 




CA Certified Farmer’s Market:

SATURDAYS 8am-12pm at Folsom Blvd. & Sunrise Blvd.

Lightrail Station, Rancho Cordova

CA Certified Farmer’s Market:

Sundays 8am-12pm behind Arden Fair Mall

Sacramento, CA

Farmland Trade: 

We feel so blessed to have trade partnerships with both Rancho Cordova homeowners, and

The Cordova Baptist Church & Preschool.

Our farm-ministry thrives on community & partnership. We trade landowners weekly produce for urban spaces to grow. 

Since the Spring of 2018, 

We’ve had the great thrill of managing the historic Hachiya Persimmon Orchard  behind the play yard at The Cordova Baptist Church & Preschool. We grow specialty fruits and vegetables year-round underneath the orchard canopy. We also teach weekly Sunday school lessons, and host fun farm days with the onsite Preschoolers.

Farm Values:

In all of our market gardens, we practice Permaculture, a regenerative agricultural philosophy that mimics nature & feeds the soil. We produce many plant nutrients onsite from crop trimmings, worm castings, and our own rabbit manure! 🐰❤️🌱

Our primary focus is soil building, therefore ZERO pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. Methods for protecting our plants include insect netting and creating habitat for beneficial insects.



Quail of a tale! Winter 2021 we built an incubator and ordered Jumbo Coturnix Quail hatching eggs from a reputable quail farm. From those eggs that hatched we’ve grown our own quail business! We raise a mix of colors of Jumbo Coturnix Quail, contact us for all things Quail.

Whether you are visiting RANCHO ROOTS FARM because you want to eat well, support local trade, or learn more about growing sustainably, we appreciate your interest.

Thanks for visiting!