Meet the Farmers


We are a husband and wife team, proud to have been born & raised in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on our beloved hometown by producing nutrient-rich organic produce and educational programs.

The two of us became partners after meeting at Cordova High School in 2003; just before beginning our College journey in 2005 at Sacramento City College.



We both earned our degrees from San Jose State University in 2011 and got married that same year! 

Greg is a skilled Photographer & Videographer and put his B.A. in Photography to use as a  Wildlife Conservationist, Advocate, and Citizen Scientist.

Alexandria earned her M.A. in Education for Social Justice, CA Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential, B.A. in Creative Arts,  and she specializes in Early-Childhood pedagogy.



We are eternally grateful for our experiences in the Bay Area. We passionately enjoyed our 10 years in Silicon Valley. 

Check out these projects from our time in San Jose:

“Urban Wildlife Research Project” (Greg’s Citizen Science, Advocacy, Journalism, &  Photos)

“Starting with a Blank Canvas” (Alex’s Art Studio, Early Childhood Education: Reggio Emilia Philosophy)

“Family of Beavers making home along San Jose’s Guadalupe River” (Greg’s Wildlife Conservation, Photos, & Research)

“Native California” (Alex’s  Partnership with City of San Jose, CA Native Wildlife Advocacy, Public Art)

“Endangered Valley” (Alex & Greg: Citizen Science, Photos & Paintings of CA Native Species and their Habitat)


Fun Fact: We are First-Generation Farmers. We started our first garden in college and were encouraged by God’s grace through nature’s abundance. 

Starting Rancho Roots Farm:  

In 2017, we took a great leap toward our dream of growing our own food.

Feeling as though every previous experience had prepared us for our full-time farming endeavor, we returned to our hometown to ensure that our efforts would impact the community that had given us so much during our upbringing.

We are proud of our ROOTS in Rancho Cordova, so it seemed fitting to  celebrate the history of our city through our work at RANCHO ROOTS FARM.


 Our market gardens began life in local Rancho Cordova backyards and evolved into a partnership in ministry with The Cordova Baptist Church and Preschool (a locally celebrated institution AND Greg’s old school!). We are so blessed to be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the historic Haychiya Persimmon Orchard located behind the Preschool.

As part of our partnership, the congregation has fresh vegetables delivered weekly and the Preschool and Sunday school children enjoy garden programs that reflect a love and respect for our connection with nature.

In addition, we educate the community on topics such as: the benefits of Urban Farming, improving soil fertility, methods for conserving water, protecting wildlife & native habitats, and much more! 

Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a farm visit, we love to share and learn.

Let’s grow together!

Alex and Greg Kerekez